RRS Of Oklahoma - Charge for services not rendered/filed consequential lien

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I hired RRS to remodel my bathroom vanity. I spent a day picking materials with the designing member of the team and wrote a deposit check for half of the total on November 5. I was promised that the job would be completed by the week before Thanksgiving. They kept putting me off week after week until the week after Christmas, when I am on vacation.

The construction crew did not let me know when they were coming unless I asked and then were frequently late. One time, the foreman walked in my front door without even knocking and I am a single woman!! On the 3rd day, they worked about 2 hours and the foreman told me he was supposed to be on vacation that week and really wanted to be somewhere else.

I rushed around to get exact measurements for the space for a tv and cable box and the final product only fits the tv if it is tilted, despite having plenty of room for the top cabinet to be smaller.

The granite I specifically picked out for the black highlights was supposed to be cut as the design member directed. When the cut granite was brought to the house, it was unreconizable as the piece I selected because there was no black. The granite staff told me the design member had not told them what section I wanted and the black is hard to maintain, which was news to me. For someone who works with granite all the time, it seems like the designer should have known that and it would have impacted my decision! They recut what I wanted and the construction crew was to return to put the faucet back on that night. No show. The other piece was delivered at 8 the next morning and the crew was to be there at the same time. No show. As this was my last day of vacation, I left to do some errands and left the back door open for the crew to enter, as they had all week. I received a call from the business manager at noon saying that the crew had come to put the faucet in and since no one was home, I would have to wait until Monday. No missed calls from the crew, no effort to accomodate for not being there when they promised, just a call saying sorry, no faucets for another 3 days. From the first time they came to give me an estimate, they insisted I would only be unable to use my bathroom for 2 days. After 5 days of no sinks and the multiple delays, the foreman knew I was irritated, but if I could just have one sink, I would be good. The business manager told me it was his birthday and he didn't even want to call me, but they would not be returning to put the faucet in, no matter what. Besides, I had cost them extra money to have the granite recut!! How was the designer not conveying my wishes in any way my fault?? I told him I would find someone else to put it in and send him the bill. So, I found a plumber and had to pay extra for holiday call and deducted it from the final bill. This is the amount, plus some sink popups that I had to buy that they were to supply, for which he filed a lien.

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